Find a fabulous holiday home in Ireland with a hot tub

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Find that fabulous holiday cottage in Ireland that has its own hot tub to always have something to look forward to after a brilliant day out sightseeing.

Whether it is the lure of St. Patrick or simply how easy it is to get to, Ireland is becoming increasingly popular with holiday makers. With options of taking either the boat or the ferry from the U.K., getting to Ireland really could not be easier so no matter if you want to go and try some traditional Guinness, track down a leprechaun or simply want to take in the breath-taking scenery of the Emerald Isle, there is something for everyone. Major cities include Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Antrim, all of which offer something special to those looking for an adventure. Visit the Giant’s Causeway or the Killary Fjord for natural landscape that will wow you, or if you fancy yourself as a bit of an adrenaline junkie, go surfing off the west coast.

View holiday cottages in Ireland that have a hot tub

There are plenty of accommodation options to choose from no matter where you want to stay in Ireland. You could go city centre and opt for a bed and breakfast, guest house or luxury hotel or go more rural, choosing instead to camp or stay in a caravan park. If neither of these options are quite what you are after on your holiday though, there is a happy medium between the two – a holiday cottage. Cute and quaint, with a certain rustic charm, these holiday cottage appeal to anyone who wants to stay in relaxing, glorious countryside without having to give up any of their creature comforts, and they’re also a brilliant option if you have pets or are part of a large group, as they ensure that you have the space that other accommodation just can’t offer.

If a holiday cottage alone is not luxurious enough for your stay and you worry that it may feel a little basis, there are ways that you can make sure that you really are treating yourself when you are away in Ireland. One way in which many holiday makers have chosen to do this is by hiring a holiday cottage with additional extras – one of the most popular of these being a hot tub. This is a wonderful choice for your holiday, not only because it is something a little bit different, but also because it is a wonderful way to enjoy the Irish countryside.

It is unlikely that you will have a hot tub at home, so opting to have one while you are away adds that touch of something special to your holiday, a little treat for yourself after working so hard. There is nothing better than going for a long walk or day out and coming back to your holiday home knowing that you can jump straight into the hot tub to unwind and relax those tired muscles. Having a hot tub adds a new level of pampering to your holiday that is hard to acheieve otherwise, meaning that you do not need to worry about forking out for a spa or fancy treatments while you are away as you will have all the relaxation you need, right on site.

In case you are not sold yet, picture this – a dark but clear night, stars shining and you are sat in a hot tub with a glass of prosecco in your hand, what could be more romantic? If you are looking for a romantic getaway, a hot tub is an absolute must, nothing beats sitting under the stars and chatting with the person you love. It is the perfect way to woo and impress your other half, ensuring that you give them a holiday that neither of you will ever forget. Hot tubs are not just brilliant for loved up couples though, they are wonderful for families too. If you are on holiday with your children, it is so easy to get worked up and stressed out by all the demands for attention and moans of ‘I am bored’, so what could be a nicer way to relax at the end of the day when you’ve finally gotten them all into bed than in a hot tub, enjoying the peace, quiet and tranquillity of being in the outstanding Irish countryside – there is really nothing like it.

Hot tubs really are one of the best ways to take it easy while you are away on your holiday in Ireland. Whether you plan to spend your days getting to know the local attractions, causing havoc on the beach, or in a pub sampling the local alcohol, there is not much better than knowing you have your own personal, private spa to go back to. You don’t have to worry about bumping into other people, and you can really spend time with the people that matter most to you in a way that will really set your holiday apart from the rest.  Tempted? You should be – you really will not regret booking a holiday cottage with a hot tub for your stay in Ireland.

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