Bubble away surrounded by a cloud of steam

A hot tub is maintained at a constant temperature irrespective of the external temperature so that it is always ready and always pleasantly warm. You may need to wear a robe to walk from the centrally heated holiday cottage in the winter to the hot tub sited in the garden and you will definitely be pleased to submerge yourself up to your shoulders once you get there.

Admittedly, a dip in the hot tub during cold weather is a bit of a bracing experience. It could be the kind of thing that a group of friends might try for fun during a winter break. If the temperature of the water is high enough compared to the environment, you will probably sit in a cloud of steam

It is not the same as the gentle and relaxing pamper session in the summer.

hot tub winter

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Hot Tub Cottages offers a fabulous selection of quality self catering properties throughout the UK and abroad. Every property comes with use of a fabulous bubbly hot tub! Most of our owners offer private hot tubs but please check the details of each property listed. Some hot tubs are outside, some are indoors and some may be part of shared Spa facilities.

We aim to provide you with the best choice available whether you’re after a cosy log cabin for you and your family, a romantic retreat just for two or a fantastic location for your hen or stag party!

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