Large cottages with Hot Tubs

Big Cottages with Hot Tubs

There are times when only a big cottage will do. Particularly if you are holidaying as part of a large group then staying in a big cottage is essential. Large families require big cottages, as do large groups of friends taking a break together. To help you find what you are looking for take a look at our section of big cottages with hot tubs.

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Sometimes finding what you are looking for can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. We hope that you find this site helpful in finding cottages that may suit your needs quickly and easily.

Big cottages with hot tubs very often have other advantages as well as the obvious advantage of a cottage with a hot tub. Big cottages usually offer more space all round. Space can be really important when you are holidaying with a big group. Even if you all truly enjoy each others company, it can be important to have enough space to spread out, allowing people to be able to congregate together where they wish but equally spend quiet time alone where required. You may want to take other factors in to consideration such as whether the cottage has a garden. This can be particularly important in summer time but usually less so at other times of year.

More about Large Cottages with Hot Tubs

When looking for a big cottage you may even want to find somewhere with other features in addition to a hot tub such as cottages with large dining rooms. Do check out the details of each property. It is often important to all be able to eat together when you are away so do check that there is seating together for all of your group before making any booking. Some people also want to find cottages with games rooms. Cottages with games rooms can be fantastic for families or groups where you want to have fun together. Most games rooms have pool or snooker tables and some even have table tennis. Again check cottage details fully before making a booking to make sure that the cottage meets your needs. You may start off with a long wish list but depending on whether you are booking far ahead in advance and on your budget you may need to compromise and decide what is most important to you. Staying in a big cottage with a hot tub is an attractive proposition and thankfully there are a number of larger cottages which have hot tubs.

Do remember that some cottages will have indoor hot tubs and some will have outdoor hot tubs. If it is not clear and you have a preference for an indoor rather than an outdoor hot tub, do ask the owner or agency to find out more about the location of the hot tub. Also bear in mind that some cottages will have private facilities whereas others have shared facilities. Again check details fully before booking. We hope you find the right cottage for you. If your budget allows you may want to see our section on cottages with hot tubs and pools. It is mostly larger cottages that have both hot tubs and pools together although there are some smaller cottages that have such facilities. With smaller cottages these facilities are usually shared.

Large and Big Self Catering with Hot Tubs

Looking for a large self catering property for a much needed break? Big self catering cottages with hot tubs can be great for large groups and gatherings of people.

group accommodation with a hot tub

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Hot Tub Cottages offers a fabulous selection of quality self catering properties throughout the UK and abroad. Every property comes with use of a fabulous bubbly hot tub! Most of our owners offer private hot tubs but please check the details of each property listed. Some hot tubs are outside, some are indoors and some may be part of shared Spa facilities.

We aim to provide you with the best choice available whether you’re after a cosy log cabin for you and your family, a romantic retreat just for two or a fantastic location for your hen or stag party!

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